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faded picture of a beautiful night.
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I knew you were trouble - AMAs 2013.
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looking back through concert photos makes me sad 

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twirler swift
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I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling.
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Anonymous: Favorite piercings? 

def the one where you pierce your butt cheeks together. #2cheeky

Anonymous: Favorite care bear? 

hmm….the only care bear name i can remember is funshine bear. i think that’s the yellow one….

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I am currently working hard to finish my new album as fast as I can. I cannot reveal any details yet. What is clear is that this will be the favorite thing I have done in my whole life, more than the previous ones. Perhaps, between October and November would be the right time to release it.
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I wish so badly that I could talk about the new record, I really do, that’s all I want to talk about, it’s all I think about, I’m obsessed with it. All I can really tell you is that it’s my favourite thing of all I’ve ever done and I promise you, you’ll know why. 
TITLE: UnknownState of Grace (Piano)
ARTIST: Unknown Taylor Swift
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